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Liv Heyer is a singer/songwriter/performer, hailing from the Gold Coast, Australia. Renowned for her lyricism, charisma, and melodic hooks, her highly anticipated EP is on the way - releasing in 2024. Amassing over 200,000 streams on Spotify as a completely independent artist with her latest singles, Liv has achieved much more than most in her early career as an unsigned musician.

She has just released her comeback single, 'FREAK', which has organically gained over 35,000 streams within the month, setting her up for a successful 2024. 

Besides writing music, Liv has been travelling and performing on huge festival lineups and as a support act for the likes of Amy Shark, Eskimo Joe, Birds of Tokyo, Conrad Sewell, and Karise Eden.  

"After years spent strumming, songwriting and performing her heart out, Gold Coast singer Liv Heyer is finally making it big. With guitars and ukuleles made for her by her father, and a love for music stronger than anything else, Liv has made a name for herself playing shows all over the Coast."


"Liv Heyer is a renowned singer-songwriter, strumming her way from gig to gig on her guitar and ukuleles that were lovingly hand-made by her dad. Liv has played almost everywhere on the Coast and surrounding areas, solo and alongside artists including Birds of Tokyo, Cody Simpson, and Australia's 2020 Eurovision selection, Montaigne. Liv Heyer is another Gold Coast act serving up creative gold."


"Liv Heyer is a talented young lady. She is professional with her communication and an east artist to work with. Liv has become a regular performer at a number of our weekly events and the venue and audience are always pleased to have her." 


"Not only is Liv Heyer a beautiful and engaging performer, she is the ultimate professional. She is a pleasure to listen to and a pleasure to book! She is a favourite of our customers and makes a night out at NightQuarter truly special." 



"Discovering Liv Heyer was to us, like finding the perfect little laneway cafe in Melbourne that you feel has popped up overnight, but has actually been a hidden secret for a long time. Liv's voice is angelic and unique, and her ability to voice her personality through her music is phenomenal...and at such a young age, the future is so bright for this little lass. We can't wait to see what her future holds!" 


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